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N99 ViraMask

N99 ViraMaskN99 Viramask by Wein Products is disposable and provides one size fits all personal respiratory protection. What makes Viramask™ the most revolutionary advancement in filtering face piece respirators? It’s the latest generation of advanced N99 Respirator Masks for Enhanced Respiratory Protection against airborne illnesses such as swine flu and more.

The N99 Viramask is designed as a surgical face mask to be used in hospitals, and also intended for the general population who need extra protection in public. During flu season, these masks should be worn where ever there is a risk for airborne virus exposure. 

When choosing the right N99 Mask, it is important to be sure there is a good fit. The disposable Viramask  N99ESC  has an advanced certified N99 filter, which means that it has over 500% the protection of standard N95 masks. This is the best Wein N99 Viramask on the market.ViraMask

•Strap free, adhesion disposable mask
•Filters over 500% better than a N95 mask
•One size fits all adults
•Molds to all facial contours providing a universal custom fit
•Built in evaporative cooling design
•Hypoallergenic medical grade adhesion material 
•Comfortable to wear, easy to talk
•Almost instant conformable fit each and every time 
•Disposable respirator- each mask can be used up to 8 hours each, allowing time to reach safer ground.
•Unlike other respirator masks, can be worn upside down and still fits
•Made in USA

Certifications and Specifications:
•Particle Penetration less than 0.05% at 85 L/min
•Viral/Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (VFE/BFE) greater than 99.95%
•Flammability- FDA 16 CFR Part 1610 Class I- NO FLAME SPREAD
•Certified by US Government CDC/NIOSH for filtration efficiency and breathing resistance in accordance with 42 CFR Part 84
•Patent Pending

Wein N99 ViraMask

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