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Physio Tape

Physio Tape, which is very similar to Kinesio Tex Tape, is used as a modality treatment based on the body's own natural healing process. The major effects of Physio Athletic taping are correcting muscle function, improving circulation of blood and lymph, relieving pain, and repositioning the joints.

The adhesive is not only heat activated, but also will not leave any residue when removed. For excellent results, Physio Tape should be applied at least 30 minutes prior to exercise in order for the heat activated adhesive to adjust and bond with the skin temperature. The elastic properties of Physio Athletic Tape are frequently used for clinical applications to treat sports injuries such as shin splints, shoulders, knees, elbows, ankles, and more.

• Physio Tape 2” x 5.5yards (16.4 feet) 18 Rolls/Box
• Also available in the bulk pack 144 Rolls/Case (8 boxes total)
• Provides support while sustaining full range of motion
• Used to tape over and around muscles
• Can be worn for several days per application
• Helps correct muscle function, improves circulation, relieves pain and repositions subluxed joints
• Water resistant

Orthopedists see many types of sports injuries which require the kinesiology taping method. As these types of physicians use Physio Athletic Tape for shoulders, wrists, knees, and elbows, we are the company they buy from. In recent years, Podiatrists now use this type of kinesio tape to treat Plantar Faciitis, ankle sprains, shin splints, in addition to supporting the Achilles tendon with this therapeutic elastic tape.

Looking to buy Physio tape? We provide this elastic sports tape in bulk to many types of physical therapists, sports trainers, orthopedists, and more. Med 101 offers wholesale pricing on medical tape, and we always include free shipping! Here is where to buy physio tape when seeking larger quantities at huge discounts.

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