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Manual Wheel ChairsOur wheelchair is the best form of wheeled mobility medical device in the home health supply community. We provide Electric Wheelchairs, Motorized Wheel Chairs, Power Wheelchairs, and manual Wheel Chairs. We provide Home Healthcare Equipment to people who have difficulty due to illness (physiological or physical), injury, or disability.

We carry Everest and Jennings wheelchairs, in addition to Invacare Wheel ChPower Wheelchairsairs. There are many different kinds of mobility devices needed by people everywhere in addition to canes and walkers. Types of Invacare wheelchairs include bariatric Transport wheelchairs in addition to light, folding chairs with four small wheels designed to be pushed by a caregiver. At Med 101 we aim to provide mobility for patients outside the home as well as inside. These Home Medical Supplies are vital to anybody needing mobility and aids to daily living.

Some of the optional accessories available for these medical devices include anti-tip bars safety belts, adjustable backrests, and carrying devices for medical equipment such as crutches, oxygen tanks, walkers, drink holders, and more.

Power Wheel ChairsThe electric wheelchair is powered by a motor which allows the user greater mobility with added convenience. These motorized chairs are manufactured of the highest quality and each style has particular handling characteristics. Electric-Powered Mobility Aids can be small and portable which can be folded or disassembled. Also they tend to be very large and heavy such as the “rehab chair”.

Manual wheelchairs are usually cheaper and foldable making storage or placement into a vehicle much easier. Typically, manual wheelchairs are propelled by the patient or caregiver. They have larger rear wheels than an electric wheel chair and the wheels are easier to take on and off. Hand rims are very important to all manual chairs and have a diameter that is slightly less than the rear wheels.

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